Insights to Buying Diamond Jewelry

bridal diamond necklace

My name is Dawn Loland. I’ve been a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) for 30 years now and I’ve found different ways to simplify the process of buying some diamond bling! I’ve seen a lot of changes since getting into the jewelry business in the early 70s.

I know all of this makes me sound like I’m an “old timer”, but that OK, because I am…. and that’s really good for you! I am here to make buying a diamond easier.

Diamonds are forever… but the business of buying diamonds keeps on changing!

Many things about the jewelry business are very different today, such as buying loose diamonds and diamond jewelry online, so this means you can get great prices from many different sources, which is a very good thing!

Recently, I held the position as the Head Gemologist for an online jewelry retailer. I regularly talked with customers who were calling in from all corners of the world and they mainly wanted to be reassured that I was a person who could answer their questions about buying diamonds.

Buying loose diamonds and diamond jewelry sight unseen on the Internet was a new experience for almost all of our customers! Once a sense of trust was established, the transaction could then proceed smoothly via email.

Because I worked with many customers who were not able to visit a local jewelry store (living in small rural areas or people in the military serving overseas) I did end up working with most of the online diamond retailers during this time.

pearl white gold necklaceThis is why I can wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is considering buying a diamond online to look to buy from Not only does James Allen have top notch customer service along with their prices usually being the lowest anywhere on the net but they are the only online diamond retailer with real pictures of the diamonds they sell.

So you are seeing the actual diamond that you will purchase and best of all you can always contact me for a second opinion of the diamond you are considering before you buy it or I might even give a suggestion about some other diamonds that could be considered.

The experience of working for an online diamond jewelry retailer (along with years of teaching hundreds of people about diamonds at GIA) has brought about the development of this diamond buying guide…. I knew that there must be a way to give smart consumers the essential tools to help them understand if they were getting the best possible value when they are buying diamonds.

In addition, I would be able to actively help with their questions even though we would be hundreds, or even thousands of miles apart. Today with everyone having access to the Internet, it became clear that the time was right to make this online diamond buying guide a reality!

Good luck with your jewelry shopping and if you have questions, feel free to let me know!