Custom And Designer Diamond Jewelry


Once you have found your soulmate, you need to find the perfect ring that will make her say “Yes!” So what have you decided? Will you break the bank for a unique designer ring or get her any run-of-the-mill design? The choice of an engagement ring, whether designer or generic, can depend on your budget and her style.

However, the fact remains that customer jewelry designers are experts in crafting unique designs that are exclusive, high quality, and promise longevity and durability. Considering the fact that she will be wearing the same ring for the rest of her life, you both need to be satisfied and proud of what you choose.

If you are looking for something as special and unique as the love you have for each other, your first choice should be a designer label. Designer engagement rings, although a little pricey, have many inherent benefits attached to them.



If your bride-to-be has an eye for exclusive designs that are custom-made and not repeated very often, then buying a designer engagement ring is advisable. If you get her a generic design found at any local retailer, chances are her colleague or neighbor might have the same or similar design. And if she prefers to be unique, she wouldn’t like that. Generic designs are mass-produced while designer engagement rings are unique and can also be made to order.


Designer engagement rings have high quality metal and gemstones. They have an educated clientele who knows what they are buying and have a reputation to maintain. Designers will put in a lot more care and attention into creating engagement rings that are high quality, using handpicked gemstones and excellent quality metal.


Designer engagement rings come with warranties that might cover many contingencies such as repairs and resizing. The policies might vary among different designers, but designers are generally liberal in setting their policies as they have a brand reputation to maintain.


Designer jewelry stores build on their reputation – they live and die by what customers say about them. Therefore, they take customer experience and satisfaction very seriously and attempt to give every customer an exceptional shopping experience. You can even get an appointment at a designer store to receive the undivided attention of experts and create the most unique engagement ring design with them.

The Downside

The only downside of buying a designer engagement ring is the price. High-end designer jewelers can be costly as compared to generic jewelry stores.

However, if we look at the bright side, jewelry designers are meticulous in implementing pricing policy among resellers by averting discounting to defend the value and reputation of their brand. Therefore, you can be assured that whichever reseller you choose for buying the designer engagement ring, you will be paying roughly the same price.