Necklace Measurement Guidelines

Necklace Size Guideline

collar bone size chart jewelry

Collar (12-13″):

Collar necklaces lie snugly around the middle of the neck. They are a must-have when wearing V-necks, boat necklace and off-the-shoulder fashions.

Choker (14-16″):

Both classic and versatile, a 14-16 inch choker falls perfectly around the base of the neck. A simple choker necklace matches any outfit and just about any neckline.

princess cut diamond chain

Princess (17-19″):

As the most popular necklace length, the princess necklace is best suited for either high necklines, strapless or V-neck.

Necklace lengths are measured from the base of the throat – if your neck measures 13 inches, then a 16 inch necklace will drape about one and one half inch below the base of the throat.

A common approximation is to allocate one half inch of drape/inch of necklace length as outlined in the above photos.

Bracelet Sizes for Adults:
Very Small = 6-6.5″
Small = 7″
Medium = 7.5″
Large = 8″
Custom order bracelets smaller the 7″ and larger than 8″

Measuring Your Wrist:

To determine the bracelet size you need, measure the wrist with a soft flexible measuring tape and add approx. 3/4-1″ to the amount. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a ribbon or piece of string. Mark the length and¬†measure with a ruler.

If possible try to get a measurement from the mother. Take the size of their wrist and add 1/2 an inch for the bracelet size. Here are some general guidelines for flower girl jewelry sizes.

0-2 years: 5″
3-4 years: 5 1/2″
5-7 years: 6″
8-12 years: 6 1/2″
3-4 years: 12″ (plus 1″ extender)
5-7 years: 13″ (plus 1″ extender
8-10 years: 14″ (plus 1″ extension)